Tomcat 8.0.0


  • Add: Implement JSR 340 - Servlet 3.1. The JSR 340 implementation includes contributions from Nick Williams and Jeremy Boynes. (markt)
  • Add: Implement JSR 245 MR2 - JSP 2.3. (markt)
  • Add: Implement JSR 341 - Unified Expression Language 3.0. (markt)
  • Add: Implement JSR 356 - WebSockets. The JSR 356 implementation includes contributions from Nick Williams, Rossen Stoyanchev and Niki Dokovski. (markt)
  • Update: 46727: Refactor default servlet to make it easier to sub-class to implement finer grained control of the file encoding. Based on a patch by Fred Toth. (markt)
  • Add: 45995: Align Tomcat with Apache httpd and perform MIME type mapping based on file extension in a case insensitive manner. (markt)
  • Code: Remove duplicate code that converted a Host's appBase attribute to a canonical file. (markt)
  • Code: 51408: Replace calls to Charset.defaultCharset() with an explicit reference to the ISO-8859-1 Charset. (markt)
  • Code: Refactor initialization code to use a single, consistent approach to determining the Catalina home (binary) and base (instance) directories. The search order for home is catalina.home system property, parent of current directory if boootstrap.jar is present and finally current working directory. The search order for Catalina base is catalina.base system property falling back to the value for Catalina home. (markt)
  • Update: 52092: JULI now uses the OneLineFormatter and AsyncFileHandler by default. (markt)
  • Fix: 52558: Refactor CometConnectionManagerValve so that it does not prevent the session from being serialized in when running in a cluster. (markt)
  • Fix: 52767: Remove reference to MySQL specific autoReconnect property in JDBCAccessLogValve. (markt)
  • Code: Make the Mapper type-safe. Hosts, Contexts and Wrappers are no longer handled as plain objects, instead they keep their type. Code using the Mapper doesn't need to cast objects returned by the mapper. (rjung)
  • Code: Move Manager, Loader and Resources from Container to Context since Context is the only place they are used. The documentation already states (and has done for some time) that Context is the only valid location for these nested components. (markt)
  • Code: Move the Mapper from the Connector to the Service since the Mapper is identical for all Connectors of a given Service and it is common for there to be multiple Connectors for a Service (http, https and ajp). This means there is now only ever one Mapper per Service rather than possibly multiple identically configured Mapper objects. (markt)
  • Code: Remove the per Context Mapper objects and use the Mapper from the Service. This removes the need to maintain two copies of the mappings for Servlets and Filters. (markt)
  • Add: Implement a new Resources implementation that merges Aliases, VirtualLoader, VirtualDirContext, JAR resources and external repositories into a single framework rather than a separate one for each feature. (markt)
  • Add: URL rewrite valve, similar in functionality to mod_rewrite. (remm)
  • Add: Port storeconfig functionality, which can persist to server.xml and context.xml runtime container configuration changes. (remm)
  • Add: 54095: Add support to the Default Servlet for serving gzipped versions of static resources directly from disk as an alternative to Tomcat compressing them on each request. Patch by Philippe Marschall. (markt)
  • Fix: 54708: Change the name of the working directory for the ROOT application (located under $CATALINA_BASE/work by default) from _ to ROOT. (markt)
  • Add: Change default configuration so that a change to the global web.xml file will trigger a reload of all web applications. (markt)
  • Fix: 55101: Make BASIC authentication more tolerant of whitespace. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
  • Fix: 55166: Move JSP descriptor and tag library descriptor schemas to servlet-api.jar to enable relative references between the schemas to be correctly resolved. (markt)
  • Code: Refactor the descriptor parsing code into a separate module that can be used by both Catalina and Jasper. Includes patches provided by Jeremy Boynes. (violetagg/markt)
  • Code: 55246: Move TLD scanning to a ServletContainerInitializer provided by Jasper. Includes removal of TldConfig lifecycle listener and associated Context properties. (jboynes)
  • Add: 55317: Facilitate weaving by allowing ClassFileTransformer to be added to WebppClassLoader. Patch by Nick Williams. (markt)
  • Fix: 55620: Enable Tomcat to start when either $CATALINA_HOME and/or $CATALINA_BASE contains a comma character. Prevent Tomcat from starting when $CATALINA_HOME and/or $CATALINA_BASE contains a semi-colon on Windows. Prevent Tomcat from starting when $CATALINA_HOME and/or $CATALINA_BASE contains a colon on Linux/FreeBSD/etc. (markt)


  • Add: Experimental support for SDPY. Includes contributions from Sheldon Shao. (costin)
  • Code: The default connector is now the Java NIO connector even when specifying HTTP/1.1 as protocol (fhanik)
  • Code: Update default value of pollerThreadCount for the NIO connector. The new default value will never go above 2 regardless of available processors. (fhanik)
  • Fix: 54010: Remove some unnecessary code (duplicate calls to configure the scheme as https for AJP requests originally received over HTTPS). (markt)
  • Code: Refactor char encoding/decoding using NIO APIs. (remm)
  • Update: Change the default URIEncoding for all connectors from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8. (markt)


  • Code: Simplify API of ErrorDispatcher class by using varargs. (kkolinko)
  • Code: Update Jasper to use the new common web.xml parsing code. Includes patches by Jeremy Boynes. (markt/violetagg)
  • Add: Create test cases for JspC. Patch by Jeremy Boynes. (markt)
  • Code: 55246: TLD scanning is now performed by JasperInitializer (a ServletContainerInitializer) removing the need for support within the Servlet container itself. The scan is now performed only once rather than in two passes reducing startup time. (jboynes)
  • Fix: 55251: Do not allow JspC task to fail silently if the web.xml or web.xml fragment can not be generated. (markt)


  • Code: Remove unused JvmRouteSessionIDBinderListener and SessionIDMessage. (kfujino)
  • Code: Modify method signature in ReplicationValve. Cluster instance is not necessary to argument of method. (kfujino)
  • Code: Remove unused expireSessionsOnShutdown attribute in org.apache.catalina.ha.session.BackupManager. (kfujino)

Web applications

  • Add: Extend the diagnostic information provided by the Manager web application to include details of the configured SSL ciphers suites for each connector. (markt)
  • Update: 48550: Update examples web application to use UTF-8. (markt)
  • Update: 55383: Improve the design and correct the HTML markup of the documentation web application. Patches provided by Konstantin Preißer. (markt)


  • Code: Refactor AbstractReplicatedMap to use generics. A key side-effect of this is that the class now implements Map<K,V> rather than extends ConcurrentMap. (markt)


  • Code: Remove unused, deprecated code. (markt)
  • Code: Remove static info String and associated getInfo() method where present. (markt)
  • Update: (r1353242, r1353410): Remove Ant tasks jasper2 and jkstatus. The correct names are jasper and jkupdate. (kkolinko)
  • Fix: 53529: Clean-up the handling of InterruptedException throughout the code base. (markt)
  • Add: 54899: Provide an initial implementation of NetBeans support. Patch provided by Brian Burch. (markt)
  • Fix: 55166: Move the JSP descriptor and tag library descriptor schema defintion files from jsp-api.jar to servlet-api.jar so relative includes between the J2EE, Servlet and JSP schemas are correctly resolved. (markt)
  • Fix: 55372: When starting Tomcat with the jpda option to enable remote debugging, by default only listen on localhost for connections from a debugger. Prior to this change, Tomcat listened on all known addresses. (markt)